[In and] Out of Time

Time is broken! You play the role of a brave heroine as she attempts to find the 3 gears of time in order to repair the master clock, and mend time itself.

Play Now *works best in Chrome (CraftyJS may throw an exception in Firefox, sorry)

Arrow keys or WSAD to move. No other controls. Sound is highly recommended as it gives you audio queues (hint hint). If/when you die, you must refresh the entire page.

I don’t want to say too much else because you need to figure it out yourself. Here’s a screenshot:

The master clock in [In and] Out of Time

The master clock in [In and] Out of Time


BitBucket Mercurial Repository

Made using CraftyJS, Tiled Map Editor, Tiled Map Builder for CraftyJS, and all sorts of art from OpenGameArt.org:

Gear pickups were replaced post-jam by a friend of mine: Landon Deren. The gear pickup sound was created using as3sfxr

I created two original pieces: The “bones” sound, and the “wake up” sound.