AO Released!

I just released a new version of Asteroid Outpost, revision 117. The old version on SourceForge desperately needed an upgrade. The main additions in the new version over the old one are:

  • Menus – A fancy schmancy menu system complete with cross-fading (make sure to check out the credits too)
  • Multi-player – A working multiplayer environment (just don’t try more than 2 players)
  • Lobby – A multiplayer lobby hosted on this very web host
  • New Graphics – Well… only new graphics for the Solar Station, but that’s the style I’m aiming for
  • A new unit – The laser tower. Sadly, it looks exactly like a power node, and will do nothing unless you press F8 (described below)
  • AI – Just the start, and only in single-player in Debug mode (requires building yourself). Press F8
  • Numerous other internal changes that make my life easier and more enjoyable

The game still isn’t playable, there’s no way to win or loose, there are bugs in places, very few units, and so on. I wanted to get the multiplayer done before I started working on new units in case I needed to change everything. It turns out, I don’t need to change everything, but I do need a system for getting new and improved graphics in the game without taking days to do each sprite. I have started a roadmap in Trac that will help me to stay on trac (get it?) and to better document the future steps I need to take instead of just documenting the bugs. Long story short, I will be working on my Sprite Maker for the time being.

Edit: I have abandoned Trac in favor of Trello for its simplicity and rapid use.