AO Screens

A good friend and I got arguing about how easy or hard it was to design screens by hand (manual location & size). At first, I was saying that I didn’t mind designing by hand, but as my screens are getting more and more complicated, or I start to want more specific things out of my screens, it’s becoming more time consuming. The solution that we were toying with was to use the Windows Form Designer (available in Visual Studio) to design the screens, then copy the code into the game. As long as class names and properties look similar, it would be very little work to copy/paste. Now that I understand what he was trying to communicate, it’s actually quite nice. I did a proof of concept over the weekend, and it works great! I will be converting all of my menu screens over shortly. I make everything inside a windows form or panel whose size is some standard size that I will use throughout Asteroid Outpost (AO). Then in AO, I make a centred panel with the same dimensions, copy the code from the windows designer, paste it in AO and make a few small modifications (Point -> Vector2, etc), delete some unused portions, and then run it!