Asteroid Outpost alpha4 Release

For those who want to try out Asteroid Outpost, I have uploaded a new Asteroid Outpost binary to Bitbucket and SourceForge. Some of the changes are:

  • Icy Planet in the background and nicer looking stars
  • Health bars with floating damage indicators
  • Rewritten power grid with lots of bug fixes (Why the rewrite? The old one was built right into the entities, this one is its own separate object and much easier to handle because of it)
  • Better networking code and significantly fewer network glitches
  • Starting a component-based system
  • Lots of bug fixes

Now that I’m using Mercurial, I can’t be lazy and just use SVN’s revision number to tag the release, so I’m starting the count at 4 because it looks like this is my 4th public release since… wow… since September 2010. Dare I see what AO looked like back then? Yeah… let’s do it. LOL, wow! Awesome. That makes me feel awesome inside.