Asteroid Outpost Update 2012-02-16

I have been busy ripping chunks out of major classes in AO and stuffing the code into new components. The more components I pull out of existing classes, the smaller and simpler my code base feels, even thought it’s probably bigger. You should see how simple my Entity class is now, it’s wonderful. Each component handles its own data and all of the operators on that data; this increases the encapsulation and reduces the feeling of coupling, even though there wasn’t any real coupling going on.

There are a few new sounds in the game, all home-made by yours truly, and if I have to be honest, they aren’t great, they’re pretty awful. Is it better than nothing? Probably. At the very least, it allows me to get a solid audio framework set up for awesome sounds down the road.

I should start releasing videos of the game on a semi-regular schedule. Every month feels like a good goal for now. Expect a new alpha and video around the end of the month.