Asteroid Outpost Update 2012-06-12

Over the weekend, I integrated Awesomium into Asteroid Outpost, and it looks pretty sweet, but not only that, it’s easy to make changes to. Instead of posting stale screenshots, how about you check out the screens for yourself! They’re just html after all. Here’s a link to my Awesomium Screens for AO. They will only work properly in Firefox, Chrome, and probably Safari. IE will partially work, but all of the cool CSS3 will be stunted and cause the page to look lame. Also note that the background image in this sample is only 1920×1080, so if your screen is gigantic (like mine), please reduce the size of your browser window for your viewing pleasure. Some things you may not think of trying:

  • Use the arrow keys, and press enter to navigate the menus
  • Press ESC once in the game* to bring up the in-game menu, press again to dismiss
  • None of the text is selectable. This is really annoying for websites, don’t ever do this, but this isn’t a website, and selecting text in a game is weird

If you hadn’t noticed, the multiplayer menu isn’t completely working yet. That will come. I want to get a few more features working first, like tooltips and maybe a console? I kinda want to make an html console, especially after looking at Wolfire’s blog post about doing awesome CSS3 transitions for text entry. Like, is that sexy or what? In case you were wondering, reading Wolfire’s blog is what inspired me to use Awesomium.

Also, MindWorX and I have created an AwesomiumXNA component that you can easily add to your own XNA project. Here’s the project on Bitbucket.

  • not really in the game