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After over a month of playing games (BF3 & Skyrim) and screwing around, I am finally motivated to write a line or two of code for AO. I fixed a issue that caused my AI ships to suddenly stop in their tracks when they were on the same axis as their target. I hope this small change will motivate me to actually get AI waves working and be able to call Asteroid Outpost a game and not just a game engine.

In other news: a handful of people have started to show some interest in applications I have made! :D Exciting! A few weeks ago, a man commented about my Winamp Meta Data application and has since offered me money! How cool is that? Also, a few people have started to use (and report bugs for) TeeVee. Despite the bugs, I am excited that people have started using the application. I use it almost every day. And also, a friend from gamedev.stackexchange has taken an interest in my Sprite Library and may be adding new features to it. So… I’ve been a little high with all of the attention. Thanks guys.