TeeVee Progress

I have recently completed a scraper to collect all the show names from TheTVDB.com because TeeVee uses a cached show list and TheTVDB doesn’t provide a show list through their wonderful API. This updated show list will ship with the next alpha release. I have also added a tooltip to the banner image that shows the series status. This tooltip may be removed when I find a better way of showing additional information about a series.

My next plan is to create a form to view and edit series data as well as permanently delete series and all related information from the database. This edit form will also have a way to “remap” the series on your hard-drive to a different show on TheTVDB in-case of accidental or incorrect mapping. I also have it in the back of my brain that I should tie the Joomla login and/or database to the planned TeeVee registration process. Since Joomla already handles things like authentication and OpenID, some of the work could be offloaded. On that same note, not too long ago I have decided that TeeVee would be for sale under the “Pay What You Want” model (with a minimum of 5ยข). I think this model could produce the highest profits while not limiting the user base; and it will also reduce the need for hack protection.

A buddy of mine has been developing an application that will rename TV files on your hard-drive for easier access on an XBox or PS3. I have suggested that he merges his work into TeeVee because I already have the base framework that he would need for recognizing TV shows and tying them to the episode information on TheTVDB. I’ll let you know what he plans to do.