Asteroid Outpost Update 2012-01-04

I worked on AO a bit tonight, trying to focus on releasing a game.

  • Created a new model to act as a beacon, designed for the tutorial scenario as an indicator for where to build.
  • Problem: The beacon I made is an Entity, and ConstructableEntities like the LaserMiner are programmed to not build over other Entities, so you can’t actually build over the Beacon, :(
  • I got the Beacon to animate well, and now it looks cool, even though you can’t build on it

Other thoughts: I am hoping to get Asteroid Outpost to a game-like state, then perhaps closing the source for internal development. I have always thought that once AO reaches a certain point, I would close the source and continue to work on new features, moving toward a saleable release one day. I think once I get AO to the point of being a game rather than just an engine would be a good cut-off point. All of the libraries would still be available, but the core game code would be left stale on SourceForge. I plan to pursue artists and look into voice actors in the near future, but as this is a hobby project, I imagine the time-line to be a bit longer than games who have full-time employees. I’m not at the point of quitting my job yet, nowhere close. This will remain a hobby-time project for the time-being.