Asteroid Outpost Update 2012-01-17

I have been working feverishly on Asteroid Outpost for the past few days. Lots of refactoring to make the code cleaner, but in the process, I’m going to be able to have range rings around structures when you click on them!

Music has been added to the game! I have talked with an artist that I know, and he’s willing to let me use his music in my game. He also presented some interest in helping out with other artistic aspects of the game, I hope it pans out. Here’s a link to Sufista’s website.

When do I pull the source closed? That is a question I have been asking myself for a long time. I have changed the licence on the core project for Asteroid Outpost from the zlib licence to the Apache v2 licence. The change basically means that any further versions of the source that I release can not be used for commercial purposes without my permission. All I’m really trying to do is to prevent someone from using AO as a starting point for their own asteroid mining game. If you are interested in doing something else with the source, or want to use the networking package, or want to use a large chunk of my Entity code, ask, and I shall grant.