Asteroid Outpost Update 2012-01-18

Last night, I got the range rings to properly mip-map, added a free-text object that can follow stuff around on the screen at a certain offset, and added an accumulator that can listen to accumulation events then create floating-text that will display a +/- change from the last floating text. That wasn’t a run-on. It looks pretty cool though. Here’s a screenshot:

Asteroid Outpost Floating Numbers

I think they might not work over the network, so that will be first on my plate. Second, I want to package up the binaries and public that in a zip way more often than I have been. It’s dead easy to do, and why the hell not? Thirdly, I want to make a quick YouTube video of what I have right now, bugs and all. Sufista‘s music is fitting the game really well, and I can’t wait to show it off.