Changing Hats

Gears are changing! Engine and tool design is phasing out (with a few major exceptions), and game design is in. It feels weird to say it, but during the last 4 years, I’ve had a very nebulous, hand-wavy idea of what I wanted in the end. Now that I’m at the point where I’m adding end-game content, I’m scrambling to figure out what I actually want in the game. What sorts of structures do I want, what kinds of weapons will be used, what kinds of upgrades do I want, what will the scenarios look like, do I want a story line, do I want voice acting, etc. So many questions. For now, I’ll add content bit by bit while finishing off the engine and tools. The content is going to take some play testing to see what works and what doesn’t, so it’s a good thing that it’s easy to add stuff and play around with it.

And for a quick status update: single-unit upgrades are physically working but not pretty, the solar station can now be upgraded to level 2, added auto-healing to all structures, constructing and upgrading units can now be cancelled, and worked some more on the context menus.