Closing the Source

After much thought, I have decided to close Asteroid Outpost’s source code. The current repository will remain as-is, and development will continue in a new, private repository. This saddens and excites me. It has been a pleasure to work in the public eye, being able to link directly to the source, and those proud moments when someone forks your solution. sigh. At least the excitement of what this means overwhelms my sadness. I’m starting to think that the game is at a point where most of the engine is in place, and I can start adding real content. This has been in the back of my head for a while, and it feels like I have been holding off on adding too much content to the open source version. If I ever want to sell the game, there’s got to be a cut-off point, otherwise nobody would buy the full game. That cut-off point is now. I can do this.

In other news, I have created a new Asteroid Outpost YouTube channel. I am unable to move all of my existing videos over from my personal account, but I will just re-upload them. All new content will be on the Asteroid Outpost channel, so subscribe if you want the latest videos.