Skippy Fish

I just finished my adorable jam entry for the 2014 GDSE Summer Game Jam.

Skippy Fish

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The theme of the jam was to take a mechanic from another game and either change it or make it better. I chose Flappy Bird’s “tap to fly” and “Punishing but Quick” concepts and made them my own. You are a fish trying to escape death by skipping on the surface of the water. Press or release the left mouse button when Skippy is close to the surface of the water to skip.

All art and sound assets were created by me, specifically for this project. I used Inkscape for the graphics, and a glass of water, a straw, some popsicle sticks, my own voice, and Audacity for the audio. I have uploaded all of these assets to under more permissive licenses than the game.

The game is open source and can be forked on Bitbucket, Licensed under CC-BY-NC-4.0

Known issue: Sound may not function properly in IE11, use Chrome or Firefox.