Weekend Update

A lot has happened in the past week or two. For starters, I corrected sprite angles in my game, so now when the spaceship is shooting at you, it’s facing you. It’s more complex than it sounds, I had to stretch the X axis to complete the Isometric look. In the end, it looks amazing. I converted all of the circles to ellipses to complete the look.

I have also been fixing up my sprite maker, and actually started to use it to produce proper sprites for AO. On that same note, I have replaced my old sprite animation library with my new one. This library is developed as part of the sprite maker and can be found on google code. Since I had all the pieces working, I went through and replaced all of the graphics in the game with new ones! Right now, the sprites are a little dark, so I have to do better light handling in my sprite maker. I should have that up and running before too long.

Oh, and did I mention you can zoom in and out now?